THE ROLLING PIONEERS from Filmografik on Vimeo.

Director | Cinematography | Editing: Angelos Tsaousis

Journalist | Narration writer: Sakis Ioannidis

Still Photography: Giorgio Papadopoulos

Music: Alexandros Sidiropoulos

Producer (s): Angelos Tsaousis

Stage: In Progress

Produced for DocChallenge (HOTDOCS, Toronto)

Project Description

"The Rolling Pioneers" is a short documentary film about wheelchair basketball athletes.

The documentary has been produced for the DocChallenge 2014 The International Documentary Challenge // Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival // Toronto // Canada). The International Documentary Challenge is a timed filmmaking competition where filmmakers have 5 days to make a short non-fiction film (4-7 minutes.)

The project will be developed to a cross platform documentary. More info will be published soon.