Director (s): Pavlos Tsiantos

Scriptwriter (s): Pavlos Tsiantos, Mike Styllas, Angelos Tsaousis

Producer (s): Angelos Tsaousis

Stage: In Development

Support by Museum of Photography Thessaloniki

Project Description

Dawn August 2nd 1913. Three men climbing through steep rocky slopes in the early morning mist. They are roped together feeling cold and tired. The team leader is climbing barefoot, his wounded feet leaving blood marks on the rocks. Despite their different social background they are driven from a mutual desire to climb; their common determination leaving no chances for retreat. Finally, around 11:00 am they reach their goal: They are the first mortals invading the mythical place inhabited by the Olympian Gods. The three men standing atop Mount Olympus.

It was the local goat hunter Christos Kakkalos together with Swiss mountaineers Fred Boissonnas and Daniel Baud-Bovy. Their inaugural ascent to the highest summit of Greece filled the gap between two eras: The 2500 year period of human history when the mountain was occupied by the twelve Olympian Gods, with the last 100 years when mortals reached the top of Mount Olympus; a century characterized by the rebirth of Greece a result of liberation from the 450 year long Ottoman occupation.

The ascent of the three men to the summit of Mount Olympus comprises just the core of a documentary with great social potential.

Fred Boissonnas had stated about Greece: “Where other people observed ruins made of marble, we could see a great civilization fully alive to the present”.


Our kind regards to Thessaloniki's Photography Museum for providing us all the photographic material needed to create the documentary