Corporate / Documentaries


Director (s): Angelos Tsaousis & Myrto Papadopoulos

Cinematography: Myrto Papadopoulos & Angelos Tsaousis

Editing: Angelos Tsaousis

Producer (s): Angelos Tsaousis

Stage: Completed

Client: CUTTY SARK | Karoulias S.A.

Project Description

The CUTTY SARK adventure was a sailing trip for six winners of the ADVENTURE SPIRIT competition organised by Cutty Sark, Greece. Filmografik was assigned to film the adventure and produce a half hour documentary.

The sailing trip itself in the Atlantic was a unique filming experience. Filming on board of the wooden 1900s sailing boat BESSIE ELLEN, the last Britain’s olden coasting ketch was an honour for us.

DAY 1: DAY 2: DAY 3: DAY 4: DAY 5: