ARUNDEL – a short film (teaser) from Filmografik on Vimeo.

Director (s): Konstantina Kotzamani

Scriptwriter (s): Konstantina Kotzamani

Cinematography: Jimmy Gimferrer

Editing: Dimitris Tolios

Music: Alexandros Sidiropoulos

Producer (s): Angelos Tsaousis

Stage: Completed

Production in association ERT / Microfilm

Project Description

Arundel is a short fiction film (completed) directed by Konstantina Kotzamani.Shot on 16mm film & HD digital (underwater footage) in the Greek islands of Chios and Limnos.

ACTORS // Katia Goulioni Michel Valley Christos Passalis

SYNOPSIS // On an island where time and people have their own rules, Alice lives with the enigmatic Anna. The love letters she exchanges with a man who, due to his physical disability cannot be close to her are the only way towards her own reality. Their love affair is nurtured by nostalgia for the past. This balance is broken when a stranger comes to the island, a young postman who is not able to integrate in the island’s environment. From now on he will be the one that delivers the letters to Alice.

A strange identification is based upon this unusual triangle. The sender gains a real subsistence through the postman's figure. “For you I am nothing but the letter you expect, I am the face of the one that will deliver it”. This identification is built gradually. The physical absence of the sender is impersonated by the constant presence of the postman. Alice longs for the letters but nevertheless anticipates the postman. However we follow the heroin’s story from the moment she was born. A paradoxical birth, a trapped may beetle seem to manipulate the events and give an unexpected turn to the story. He, who wants to go against the rules, dives deeper in the water.

So, the only possible joining of the three, the sender, the postman and Alice is feasible underwater, at the bottom of the sea.

Still photos by Myrto Papadopoulou