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  1. Emerging Producer’s Forum @ Jihlava International Documentary Festival.

  2. Czech Republic // 24-28 Oct 2012

  1. On October 2012 I was invited to participate at the Emerging Producers Forum at the International Documentary Festival of Jihlava, Czech Republic.

“A promotional and educational project which brings together talented documentary film producers from EU countries

A producer is someone who stands at the very beginning of the film production process. His or her initiative and personal motivation are a prerequisite for the origination of the project and the final results are very much dependant on producer’s vision and ability to cooperate with the director.

The main objective of the workshop is to interconnect talented European producers with film professionals, especially those working in documentary cinematography. We believe that such project can open a discussion about current European production system, its efficiency and limits, and perhaps contribute to identify its unused or yet undiscovered possibilities.”

More information at http://www.dokument-festival.com/industry/emerging-producers